Wolfvision VZ-C32

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Wolfvision VZ-C32
Ceiling Visualizers Overview
A new trend in the design of conferencing rooms is hiding all technical appliances. High tech equipment should be present, but not seen. The perfect solution for this is a WolfVision Ceiling Visualizer.

It can be mounted on a ceiling, just like a projector, or integrated into a suspended ceiling. There is nothing to be seen on the table/lectern and the view between the presenter and their respective audience remains undisturbed.

WolfVision's Ceiling Visualizers are actually "variations" of the Professional Visualizer series. The same electronics, lenses and cameras are applied.

The High Resolution Live Image Cameras EYE-10 and EYE-12 can also be used as a Ceiling Visualizer when combined with an external light system

3.CCD Ceiling Visulizer
The 3-CCD model VZ-C32 is virtually a "ceiling version" of the Professional Visualizer VZ-57plus.

The VZ-C32 has the same features, design and connectors as the Ceiling Visualizer VZ-C12². The main difference is the built-in camera.

The 3-CCD Progressive Scan camera with 1000 lines resolution, 30 frames per second and 100% lifelike colors results in a sensational picture quality as never seen before.

The output signal and the Synchronized Lightfield of the VZ-C32 and VZ-C12² can be switched between 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.

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