Wolfvision VZ-9Plus

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Wolfvision VZ-9Plus
Desktop Visualizers Overview

WolfVision offers a selection of 6 different Desktop Visualizer Models.

Our entry level Visualizer models have less features, but the quality standards are the same as with our top range Visualizers. Excellent picture quality, solid design and easy handling can be found in the whole WolfVision product line.

Apart from the model VZ-7D all WolfVision Desktop Visualizers use Progressive Scan cameras. They are state of the art for Visualizers these days because they have much more resolution than PAL or NTSC video cameras and nearly all of today's display devices are equipped with the appropriate RGB, DVI or HDMI inputs for signals like XGA, SXGA, WXGA or 720p HD (High Definition).

VZ-9 Series

The VZ-9 Visualizer was first released in 2003 as the top of the line unit amongst WolfVision's portable Visualizers. It soon became WolfVision's best selling product.

Now in its second generation, the model VZ-9plus features a high resolution CCD camera with native SXGA-/720p HD resolution which provides 70 lines more resolution than the new VZ-8 Visualizers.

Other highlights of the Visualizer VZ-9plus include Ethernet/ LAN support, LCD-preview monitor, digital scaler, turntable, 1-step setup with flexible viewing area and many other "high-end" features

The VZ-9plus is the top model among WolfVision's "portable" Desktop Visualizers.

In addition to all features of the Visualizer VZ-8plus3, the VZ-9plus includes Ethernet/ LAN connectivity, advanced network features, LCD-preview monitor, digital scaler, turntable, 1-step setup with flexible viewing area, sRGB color precision and many other "high-end" features.


The VZ-9plus comes with a sensational 1-CCD camera with 30 frames per second and native SXGA- (1280 x 960 pixel) and 720p HD (1280 x 720 pixel) resolution.

820 Lines (1050 lines in image turn mode) are visible on a projection screen or monitor. This is 70 lines more than the new VZ-8 Visualizers (third edition).

Amongst the many features the VZ-9plus has to offer is it is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

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