Tandberg T1000 MXP

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Tandberg T1000 MXP
This is a refurbished Videoconferencing unit. Through Intelligent Call ManagementTF, the TANDBERG 1000 automatically configures itself to the best possible audio and video quality, guaranteeing the highest level of performance and the most natural of meeting environments, without the need for user intervention.Unlike traditional videoconferencing, TANDBERG systems operate with native video resolutions. The images maintain their true resolution, rather than being scaled to adapt to various formats. This is of particular benefit to users of NTSC and SVGA resolutions.

Hear All Participants Clearly
The Noise Reduction feature ensures clear speach transmission by eliminating surrounding noise, even when the videoconference takes place in a noisy environment. In addition, Automatic Gain Control ensures that no matter where individuals are located and regardless of the volume at which they speak, they will be heard at the same level at all remote sites. Even when the acoustic environment varies, the system is optimized to rapidly respond to these changes.

Wireless Flexibility - The TANDBERG 1000 can be used on a wireless LAN. Companies using this type of network can insert a PC card into the top of the system; this in turn communicates with a wireless receiver, an access point. With the only wired connection being a power cable, the system can easily be moved around

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