Sony Contact 1600

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Sony Contact 1600
This refurbished unit is in excellent condition, complete with microphone, remote control, and user guide. The unit can been upgraded with the MCU, and I/P upgrades. 3 Months warranty, upgradeable. 

Being there matters. Sometimes being in four places at once matters even more. Now you can. Thanks to the new Sony Contact 1600 videoconferencing system. It instantly injects new flexibility into your schedule. Allowing you to see colleagues whenever you (and they) need. So you can work 'smarter' without the stress of travel. 

The Sony Contact 1600 will bring you face-to-face with up to three people in different locations. And because it's Sony, it's simple - just three clicks and you're connected. Within seconds you'll be showing ideas, exchanging PC files, and getting results. .

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