Revolabs XTag Bundle

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Revolabs XTag Bundle


Revolabs XTag

With thousands of people due to descend on London this summer for the Olympics many organisations are beginning to deploy a more flexible communication infrastructure by setting some staff up to work remotely from home. Using the latest in pc based video conferencing you can stay in touch with colleagues and clients easily.

Revolabs have worked closely with some of the industries leading suppliers to ensure that the microphone technology you connect to your pc provides the communication software with the best possible audio to the people being connected.

The Revolabs xTag and xTag BT are being sold to anyone conferencing through their pc/mac to ensure they get the freedom of being wireless and removing the intrusiveness of headset technology.

The xTag brings the boardroom technology from Revolabs executive range to anyone involved in deploying and using desktop communications and creating a more flexible communication environment

Touchcam V1

FV TouchCamTM V1 is a Skype Certified HD camera with a wide-angle lens and built-in hardware H.264 video encoding that delivers brilliant 720p video over an Internet connection with as little as 1Mbit/sec bandwidth.

With the new low-cost TouchCam V1, families and friends and collegues separated by great distances can now enjoy stunningly clear 720p HD video call quality and the V1’s wide angle lens let everyone get into the picture.Now you can enjoy HD video calls anywhere, anytime

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