Revolabs FLX2 101

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Revolabs FLX2 101


Revolabs FLX Wireless Conference Phone with 1 Omi Directional Microphone and 1 Lapel Microphone.

The FLX™ is designed specifically for mid- to small-sized conference rooms, executive offices and SoHo environments. No longer designed as a single component like yesterday’s phones, the wireless Revolabs FLX has redefined the traditional design of conference phones and instead, is comprised of several distinct components giving you un¬precedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones and dial pad. Microphones and speaker can be placed throughout an office to optimize sound quality. In an executive office, the speaker and a microphone can be on a small conference table, while the second microphone is on the executive’s desk, allowing natural participation from different areas of the room. No more shouting across the room so that listeners on the other side of the conference call can hear you

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