Revolabs Executive 4 Channel

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Revolabs Executive 4 Channel

This product excludes the microphones, and are available to purchase on a mix and match at additional costs.

The Revolabs Executive HD™ Wireless Microphone System provides high definition audio for permanently installed AV systems. It is the first high definition wireless conferencing system available and it allows all participants to hear every word.

  • Superb High Definition Audio
  • More wireless microphones in a given area
  • Remote management
  • Mix & match sleek microphones
  • Easy implimentation features
  • Impervious to GSM noise

Widebrand Frequency
The Executive HD™ Wireless Microphone System has high definition audio, 50 Hz to 20k Hz, which allows it to pick up the entire human voice spectrum. The System utilizes the new Revolabs Designed for Speech technology (DFS20™) to provide wideband frequency which improves the intelligibility and presence of speech. The DFS20 technology consists of proprietary audio processing algorithms for the accurate reproduction of human speech.

Remote Management
The system includes the ability to manage, monitor status, and upgrade software through an Intranet, and has serial connectivity with all room control systems.

The HD Wireless Microphones are extremely easy to use. There are no complicated settings. Just remove the microphone from the Charger Base, un-mute and talk.

The LCD display on the front of the Executive HD Base Station allows easy access to view status and certain commands, including the ability to switch all outputs to mic or line level.

Impervious to Radio Frequency Interference
All Revolabs HD Wireless Microphones include the RF Armor™ technology which enables the microphone to operate cleanly even when in direct contact with all wireless elec

Rechargeable battery that provides eight hours of talk time after each full charge.

All Revolabs wireless microphones use 128 bit encryption, so no one can listen in

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