Polycom SoundStructure C12

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Polycom SoundStructure C12


Polycom SoundStructure C-12 Twelve Channels - 2200-33120-001 Complete with Optional Single Line PSTN Interface

SoundStructure C12 - 12-channel AEC / Noise canceller / Feedback reduction w/Auto Mic Mixing and Matrix Mixer

Polycom SoundStructure installed audio solutions deliver high definition clarity to voice and video conferences for improved productivity and faster decision making.

Advanced design and custom configuration capabilities allow you to quickly and efficiently deliver world-class acoustics to a variety of room environments. Seamless integration with Polycom video and voice conferencing solutions creates life-like experiences, with Polycom immersive and room telepresence solutions, Polycom HDX microphones, and Polycom Ceiling Microphone Arrays delivering unmatched video and voice collaboration quality. Controlling and adjusting SoundStructure is easier than ever with Polycom Touch Control, an intuitive touchscreen controller that allows you to precisely adjust auditory sensory experiences.

SoundStructure C-Series installed audio solutions set a new standard in performance for immersive conferencing. Full-stereo acoustic echo cancellation, with 22kHz bandwidth and powerful feedback elimination, allows meeting participants to focus on the conversation without distraction. Comprehensive input, output and submix processing provides configuration flexibility and integrates all core audio processing into a single solution, eliminating the need and costs of additional equipment.

The innovative Polycom OBAM™ matrix architecture in SoundStructure enables up to eight SoundStructure units to appear as one system for unparalleled scale and flexibility. Advanced signal grouping, channel labeling and submixing let you leverage existing designs and configurations for future installations, saving time and money, while exclusive SoundStructure Studio software simplifies configuration and enables advanced acoustic designs for existing and evolving needs.

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