Polycom Soundstructure C12

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Polycom Soundstructure C12


The Polycom SoundStructure C12 delivers clear, immersive sound for more productive voice and video conferences with twelve channels.

With performance and clarity to delight meeting participants, the Polycom SoundStructure C12 has innovations in design and configuration that allow for system set up in far less time than expected.

Additionally, the Polycom SoundStructure C12 integrates easily with other Polycom conferencing and collaboration solutions, enabling faster integration and better performance for a Polycom UltimateHD technology experience.

The Polycom SoundStructure C12 features the latest breakthroughs in full-stereo acoustic echo cancellation with 22kHz bandwidth and powerful feedback elimination allows participants to focus on what they are saying, not where they are standing.

Comprehensive input, output and submix processing allows the Polycom SoundStructure C12 to deliver the ultimate in flexibility for any room configuration with all the core audio processing integrated into a single solution.

Installing and configuring high-performance audio conferencing has never been easier or more flexible. The Polycom SoundStructure features an innovative OBAM matrix architecture which enables up to eight Polycom SoundStructure units to appear as one system for maximum scalability and flexibility.

Advanced signal grouping, channel labeling and submixing allows the Polycom SoundStructure to utilize existing design and configuration work for future installations - saving time and money. Polycom's exclusive SoundStructure software makes configuration easy and is powerful enough to handle the most challenging acoustic designs.

Deep, seemless integration with other Polycom products makes the Polycom SoundStructure C12 the only choice for the Polycom UltimateHD technology experience. Fully digital integration with the Polycom HDX platform delivers true Polycom HD Voice technology to match the clarity of HD video. Polycom HDX microphones and Ceiling Microphone Array can be used for additional flexibility and convenience.

Polycom conferencing solutions work together easily and seamlessly for improved performance, as well as faster design and installation.

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