Polycom Image Share II

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Polycom Image Share II


The ImageShare II is a unique tabletop device that allows users to add their laptop as a source of content for display in a conference room meeting or a videoconference, by simply plugging it in and pushing a button (yes, it's blue). Only Polycom gives you this convenience.

ImageShare allows you to plug-in a laptop as if you are plugging it into a projector, with standard VGA and audio inputs. ImageShare captures the signal from the laptop's VGA output... [more] and allows the transmission of this image, live (full motion), at its native resolution (up to full XGA, 1024x768). It also provides an audio input for multimedia content that includes sound (up to 14 kHz fidelity). The blue button on ImageShare allows the user to activate the content in the conference - and it also allows the user to "deactivate" the input, turning focus back to a people view without the need to reach back to the remote control. Now, there is no need to locate any other control devices in the room. If you are connected to ImageShare, then the blue button is always right there. There's nothing else you need to know.

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