Lifesize Transit

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Lifesize Transit
Secure Firewall Traversal
LifeSize® Transit™ is a complete firewall and NAT traversal solution that enables people to make video calls within and across enterprises and organizations by securely traversing firewalls. With standards-based H.460 and SIP tunneling, the result is secure, simple to use video communications.

Connect Anywhere, Securely
With the advent of IP communications, connecting to customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues around the globe became easier and more cost effective. Conducting video calls by passing through a network firewall meant opening and closing communication ports, leaving networks vulnerable to possible attacks.

Secure, seamless video calls with customers, partners, suppliers and remote colleagues using firewall and NAT traversal. more >>
With LifeSize Transit, experience better communications without compromising on security. LifeSize offers an enterprise-class firewall / NAT traversal solution that will be seamless to end users and simple to set up and manage. LifeSize Transit creates a secure path through a firewall without compromising IP security.

All LifeSize video systems include both H.460 and SIP firewall traversal software at no additional licensing fee, enabling the LifeSize Transit solution out of the box and making LifeSize video communications systems ready for firewall/NAT traversal support.*

Simple to Use
LifeSize firewall traversal technology makes it easy for LifeSize video systems to communicate across a firewall to another LifeSize system or other vendor system.

Now, LifeSize Transit includes standards-based H.460 firewall/NAT traversal and also includes a SIP-based plug and play appliance that bridges any firewall or NAT boundary including strict corporate firewalls.

High Performance, Scalable
The LifeSize Transit Server is scalable and supports up to 20 simultaneous Full HD 1080p calls up to 1.7Mbps. Clustering support is available to both increase capacity and increase system resiliency.

LifeSize Transit Server
The LifeSize Transit Server provides signaling, media, registrar and gatekeeper services in a single appliance, handling up to 500 device registrations and up to 20 simultaneous 1.7Mbps calls. Using Internet addressing and domain technology, users can register endpoint devices utilizing SIP URI dialing for easy naming conventions (

The Result
Increase the reach of video and IP communications and experience secure, seamless and productive communication with anyone.

Features and Benefits
Simple to use, enterprise-class firewall and NAT traversal
High performance and scalable - 20 simultaneous calls up to 1.7Mbps
Full HD 1080p30 capable
Plug and play appliance solution with pre-installed software
Maintain all video communication features
Standards-based H.460 firewall traversal
Works with virtually any SIP client and any firewall/NAT device
UDP and TCP support
Clustering support available
URI addressing with DNS resolution
Numeric, alphanumeric or alpha names (ex.
Support for standard protocols including H.460.18, H.460.19, STUN, STUN Relay (formerly TURN) and ICE

*LifeSize video systems need to be upgraded to version 2 or higher for LifeSize SIP firewall/NAT traversal and version 4 or higher for LifeSize H.460 firewall/NAT traversal

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