Lifesize Multi 230

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Lifesize Multi 230
Experience Multipoint Bridging in True HD

LifeSize® Multipoint 230™ is the next generation high definition video communications bridge.

LifeSize Multipoint 230 utilizes the latest in DSP technology. With a 3U blade system, this superior MCU enables up to 30 sites to participate in True High Definition for natural, immersive multiparty calls at the best price performance on the market today.

Superior high definition quality
LifeSize Multipoint 230 supports True HD -- 720p resolution at 30 frames per second. Crystal clear image quality creates the most lifelike communications experience -- no matter the distance.

Flexible use and control
LifeSize Multipoint 230 allows for up to 15 separate conferences that can be held simultaneously in True HD, so multiple departments or work teams can utilize the MCU at the same time, increasing productivity.

Participants can place calls up to 12Mbps, enabling maximum call speeds for the most demanding applications. A simplified user interface makes calling, managing and navigating through the system easier than ever before -- for end-users and administrators alike.

Superior quality, flexibility and unmatched price performance -- LifeSize Multipoint 230.

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