Lifesize LG Executive

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Lifesize LG Executive


LifeSize Executive video conferencing where realized when HD video is broadly accessible - for every teleworker, meeting room, desk, and remote office.

When you combine industry-leading LifeSize HD video communications technology with an LG monitor designed to maximize productivity, you get a video conferencing solution that is smart, simple and streamlined.


The Intelligent Choice

All LifeSize end points deliver superior HD quality at low bandwidths. The LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, is no exception.

You don't need to purchase expensive infrastructure or replace your existing systems. The LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, is a point-to-point solution that works with your existing video conferencing systems.

Deployment Made Easy

Enjoy an immersive HD video communications experience from your desk with a no-hassle deployment. The Executive video endpoint, camera, microphone with a sleek LG 24” display are designed to work with your environment in mind. Replace your PC monitor, add it to your office desk or use it in a small workspace. It works where you work.

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