Lifesize Icon 600 - 10x Optical PTZ Camera - Digital MicPod, Single Display, 1080P

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Lifesize Icon 600 - 10x Optical PTZ Camera - Digital MicPod, Single Display, 1080P

LifeSize Icon 600 with Camera 10x

The LifeSize Icon 600 with Camera 10x offers 1080 or 720p resolution and allows your business to accelerate face-to-face video discussions with customers, partners and more. By accessing applications from your UVC Platform through a simplified user experience, you can take advantage of a smart video experience with frustration-free video conferencing at an unbeatable value to let you focus on what's really important--your business.

The Icon 600 with 10x Camera delivers 10x optical zoom, support for 1080p30 video and delivers immersive image quality in a range of light conditions, even low-light environments. The Camera 10x offers the highest quality zoom for any size office, conference room, meeting center or auditorium where you need to capture video over a distance.

With the Icon 600, users take advantage of a simplified user experience that not only helps you keep track of your video call schedule, but makes it easy to join a conference without dialing a bridge. The system delivers reminders if you're running late for a conference and lets you record and stream important discussions. All these capabilities are easily available , and more capabilities can be enabled as you need them. The Icon 600 is designed for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value.

The Icon 600 with Camera 10x adapts to you changing business needs with the ability to upgrade both software and accessories whenever you need to. This includes adding multiple display support, upgrading resolution performance and more. The Icon 600 helps you future-proof your growing business.

The Icon 600 with Camera 10x delivers 720p or 1080p video resolution for HD clarity and lifelike interaction. You may upgrade from 720 to 1080 whenever you choose.

LifeSize Icon 600 with Camera 10x Features:

  • Helps ensure fast and easy to collaboration since screen options logically follow what you want to do over video.
  • A personalized meeting schedule appears on the home screen so you can start call a with the click of a button.
  • Convenient meeting reminders pop up to ensure you never miss an important video conference.
  • An integrated meeting listing eliminates the need to dial a complex bridge number for scheduled calls.
  • A unified directory offers name-based dialing, search functionality and the ability to pin contacts as favorites.
  • The same user experience is utilized both in and out of multiparty conference calls.
  • Easily record presentations and meetings which allow you to stream live to any number of viewers with just a push of a button.
  • Standards-based H.460 firewall traversal

LifeSize Icon 600 ships with:

  • LifeSize Icon 600 video system
  • LifeSize Camera 10x
  • LifeSize Digital MicPod
  • Remote Control
  • Power supply/cables

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  • Lifesize Icon 600 - 10x Optical PTZ Camera - Digital MicPod, Single Display, 1080P

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