Lifesize Gateway

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Lifesize Gateway

Enterprise-Class Gateways for ISDN to IP Connectivity
LifeSize® Gateway™ is a plug and play gateway to connect different networks and standards to deliver feature-rich, reliable and high quality video and audio communications.

LifeSize Gateway is designed for organizations that want to ensure seamless connection between video systems connected via ISDN to systems connected via IP. The result is an easy to use and connect experience for end users.

LifeSize Gateway in two configurations:
LifeSize Gateway – PRI
LifeSize Gateway - Serial

Complete interoperability and guaranteed interoperability with standards-compliant gatekeepers, terminals and MCUs providing for complete connectivity independent of protocols or device types.

Reliable and Scalable
With LifeSize Gateway, you can provide superb reliability through network detection and automatic recovery of communications and resources. Designed for use in distributed or centralized environments, get the flexibility needed for any organization.

Intuitive Management
Access web-based users interface controls for management from any location through a standard web-browser and complete control.

The Result
The result is simple to use and connect video communications that your users can depend on and connect to any device on any network.

Features and Benefits:
Enterprise class gateway for either PRI or serial interfaces
ISDN to IP connectivity
Plug and play devices
Web-based user interface
Scalability for distributed or centralized environments
Serial gateway allows for use of advanced encryption technologies (KIV7)

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