Lifesize Express

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Lifesize Express

LifeSize® Express™ 

LifeSize Express is an affordable, easy to use, high definition video communications system, which is capable of point-to-point HD videoconference calls.

The award-winning LifeSize Express provides the same easy-to-use, high definition quality video as other LifeSize solutions at a great price for the performance.

Delivering nearly ten times the quality of existing videoconferencing systems (which are limited to 352 x 288 pixels), LifeSize Express users will have a completely new experience in face-to-face video communication.

The LifeSize Express is ideal for both enterprises expanding and upgrading their video conference systems and for new users just beginning to realize the benefits of videoconferencing.

It's sleek design allows the LifeSize Express to extend videoconferencing beyond the board room.

The LifeSize Express is ideal for executive offices, remote and home locations and smaller conference rooms. The LifeSize Express may also be used with portable cart-based applications.

Utilizing high definition video resolution (1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second), LifeSize Express makes participants appear true-to-size.

With advanced processing capabilities, LifeSize Express provides better video at any bandwidth including high definition resolution at 1Mbps, DVD quality at 512Kbps and Cable TV quality at 384Kbps.


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