Genee Vision 6100

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Genee Vision 6100

The Genee Vision 6100 visualiser is perhaps the best all round mid-range visualisers in the market. It's popularity bears this out. Ideally suited for school, college and university environments. For the price, we woul highly recommend this product.

Manufacturer's description

The Genee Vision 6100 is a powerful visual presentation and training tool. It's powerful zoom function, 22x optical and 10x digital allows users to view text documents and 3D objects in detail saving time and money. It has a video capture facility and is fully interoperable with all Interactive Whiteboards as well as being MAC compatible. 

The Genee Vision 6100 is a digital ICT presentation resource that directly connects to a P.C. and/or Interactive Whiteboard, Projector or LCD screen. It has a range of features that include, video capture, image capture, dynamic/static, scroll option, lightbox, freeze, auto-focus, 330 degree rotating head, animation tools, split screen, positive/negative functions and back light.

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