Genee Vision 2100

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Genee Vision 2100


Genee Vision Mini is the brand new addition to the Genee Vision family.
The remarkable sleek fold-away design means the Genee Vision mini becomes
so compact it is a truly portable solution. Genee Vision mini is just 30cm x 17.2 cm
folded and comes with a free carry case. The visualiser can be used in a variety of
ways; it can be used on a table top to view objects, text or artifacts, alternatively
it can be mounted on a wall so much larger images can be viewed.
The visualiser can be connected to two separate computers and two projectors,
so when connected to a desktop PC a visitor can simply plug in their own laptop
to conduct a lesson or presentation.
The unique design allows the user to show larger images by adjusting the
mirror and lens to the appropriate position. This function is extremely useful
for showing big books, artwork, and large documents.

  • Unique fresh and futuristic design with a compact body that weighs less than 5 pounds.
  • Powerful magnification with 12X optical and 8X digital zoom allows viewing any object in
  • great detail without bending parts that lead to breakage.
  • XGA output offers excellent image quality.
  • Smart auto focus button achieves the idea visual effect with the touch of a button.
  • 1 RGB input, 2 RGB Outputs and S-Video output offer great connectivity.
  • Full featured digital imaging functions including image freeze, rotation and split screen.
  • Built-in back lit panel for negative and slide viewing
  • USB2.0 port offers fast and unlimited computer image, save/recall/edit.
  • Wall mounting bracket and padded carrying case included.

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