Elmo L1-EX Visualiser

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Elmo L1-EX Visualiser


The L1ex is packed with greatly improved features, 30 fps full motion quality realising much clearer and smoother moving images on the screen.

Packed with new features to help teachers create attention grabbing lessons. The L-1ex offers even more flexibility with the addition of Remote Control, freeing the teacher to move around the classroom or assembly hall while using the visualiser. This simple to use device controls the new Highlight & Mask and PinP (Picture-in-Picture) functions. Both functions are simple to use yet add immensely to the flexibility of the visualiser, helping to make lessons more interesting, and saving lesson preparation time.

Improved digital camera compatibility allows for greater use of the built-in SD Card reader, which now supports SDHC format, for storing and displaying digital images from complete lesson plans, pictures of lesson-aids to photos and scans of children's work. Equipped with both 5.2x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom, the L-1ex offers up to 41.6x magnification. Easy connection to a range of input & output devices including microscopes, PC, projector, digital TV or interactive whiteboard.

Operation is simplicity itself whilst the versatile, multi-angle camera head even allows connection to a microscope.

* 1/3" CCD 850,000 Pixels
* XGA Resolution
* 30 Frames per second
* USB 2.0 Compliant
* RGB Output
* RGB Input
* Optical 5.3x Mag
* Digital 8x Mag
* Total Zoom 40x
* Composite Video Out
* SD Card Reader
* Image Mate Software

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