Aethra Vega X5

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Aethra Vega X5

Vega® X5 is a high-performance system ideal for medium and large-sized videoconferencing sessions that require enhanced audio and video quality. The integrated Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU) connects up to 8 sites in mixed mode (ISDN and IP), with convenient dial-out and dial-in (Meet Me) configuration. 

Continuous Presence feature enables participants at all sites to view one another simultaneously. - Crystal clear audio and superior video quality at 4 Mbps - Built-in MCU connects up to 8 sites with Continuous Presence and embedded PowerPoint® presentations - Fully featured set-top solution with embedded XGA ports and support for 3 monitors Supports multiple connectivity:
Available in several versions: for connections up to 768 kbps over ISDN BRI and 4 Mbps over IP; as well as connections up to 2 Mbps over ISDN PRI or over leased lines (X.21, V.35, RS449, RS366, G.703).

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