Can You Hear Polycom Now?

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Mobile Video Chat: Who Will Get It Right First?

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Front-facing cameras have made appearances on high-end smart phones from time to time over the past few years, but they never really caught on. The Apple iPhone 4 and the HTC EVO 4G finally brought mobile video calling to the masses in 2010. Fast forward a year and there are many handsets and tablets with support for this feature, but just about each one seems to ship with a different service. Unfortunately, incompatibilities and limitations create confusion for average consumers who just want a hassle-free experience.

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Cisco kills Flip, writes off $590 million 

Cisco paid $590 million for Flip maker Pure Digital just two years ago, but the popular, easy to use digital camcorders were effectively squeezed out of a market by smartphones with good enough video recording skills on the low end, and point and shoot cameras with superior video recording. 

Just after Cisco bought Flip, Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled the iPod nano with its built in video camera, and noted that while a 4GB Flip costs $149, the new 8GB nano would sell for the same price and include a "free" video camera with its iPod functions in a much smaller package.

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Vantages pushes Cloud videoconferencing to SMEs

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Melbourne-based communications service provider, Vantage Systems, will offer a hosted videoconferencing solution from the end of the second quarter this year in a bid to break down the barriers of proprietary systems holding back the SME market.

The solution utilises HP’s Visual Collaboration gateways and servers to facilitate the Cloud-based videoconferencing option, with H.264-based scalable video coding (SVC) technology and protocol conversion used to inter-operate with higher-end immersive videoconferencing suites.

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